Raspberry Pi 3 Bare Metal in Rust

Happy new year!

I bought a Raspberry Pi 3 several days ago. Playing with Linux seems boring for me, so I decided to pay some attention on ARM architecture. There are a lot of documents about bare metal development of Raspberry Pi, but almost all of them are using C & assembly. Since I’m learning Rust these days, it should be fun to try to implement something using Rust.

Start Learning Linux Kernel

These days I collected some documents about Linux Kernel. Though there are many great books about Linux, as Linus said, “RTFSC-Read The Fu*king Source Code.”, it’s hard to understand the design and implementation of the whole system without reading the source code.

CUHK Quick Setup Guide

Although I used to be an RA at CUHK, it still cost me nearly two weeks to setup everything on my desktop. Here is the recording.